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Acoustic advantages: Insulation

GEOPANNEL® has an excellent performance associated with PLASTER LAMINATED, BLOCK, or BRICK. Particularly effective in solutions for interior reforms or insulation. In identical solutions with PLASTER, brick and heavy layer, it can mean a saving in space of up to 35% (tested in solutions for an insulation of 40 dB up to 75 dB).

Acoustic advantages: Absorption

GEOPANNEL® is especially recommended as an acoustic absorber, whether visible or behind perforated or decorative panels, wall panels, acoustic ceilings, etc. The reverberation time is reduced both in new buildings and in refurbishments, achieving an adequate acoustic comfort for each need. For example, the GEOPANNEL® PLUS 50mm,after a perforated sheet plate with perforations in only 22% of its surface achieves a weighted sound absorption coefficient (α w) =0.85. These features make our products ideal for stations, airports, conference centres, etc.

Efficient and environmentally responsible insulators

In GEOPANNEL® we collaborate with engineering and architectural studios in the most suitable solutions for acoustic and thermal comfort and the obtaining of ENERGY EFFICIENCY qualifications. Our clients have obtained the most prestigious certifications in matters of environment and sustainability.


Because of its acoustic qualities and its large number of finishes, GEOPANNEL® is especially suitable for insulation in construction: acoustic panelling, soundproofing of premises, partition walls in general, ceilings, ventilated facades, whether in homes, public buildings, auditoriums, cinemas, pavilions, industrial insulation, wind machinery, solar thermal equipment, industrial air conditioning and cooling, as well as in the automotive industry, both in automobiles and in industrial and aeronautical vehicles.

General characteristics

  • Excellent acoustic absorber, our products reach the best performance in acoustic absorption of the market. (According to EN ISO 354).
  • Good thermal insulation: our products have excellent thermal conductivity: from 0.028 W/m-K to 0.039 W/m-K according to CE Marking.
  • Water-repellent. Our materials hardly absorb humidity, presenting µ values between 100 and 538.
  • Easy cutting and handling. Clean for the user, does not tear. Perfect finishes.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Resistant to mildew.
  • Our range of products treated against the flame reaches a classification up to BS1d0 in test SBI according to norm EN 13501-1, collected in the C.T.E.



  • Grey: GEOPANNEL® Serie PYL

It can be manufactured with different surface finishes on 1 or 2 sides:

  • Acoustic and aspect veils.
  • Reinforced aluminium sheet (Al).
  • Anti-water veils, oleophobic sheets, resistant to acids...


While our standards are 1250 x 600 mm and 1250 x 400 mm plates, our products can be cut and packaged to customer requirements, both in coils and plates.


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