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High-performance absorbent and acoustic insulation felts, made of both natural fibres (cotton, jute...) and synthetic fibres (PET, PP), with the possibility of incorporating adhesive veils and sheets. Product made to measure to comply with the most demanding quality standards.


Ecological, acoustic and thermal insulation of high performance made of recycled textile and 100% recyclable. Long durability with the simplest and safest handling


We have a wide range of widths, weights and composition for the construction of roads, waterproofing of buildings, protection of ducts and pipes made of chemical fibers such as PES, PP or PET.


Felts for the manufacture of mattresses, upholstery and padding in cotton, natural wool, polyester, cotton fillings for futons, etc.. We also manufacture hard felts to cover the shell of springs, we offer a wide range both thermo-fixed and punched, polypropylene raffia, non-woven, etc.


This sector was our birth in 1944 and although footwear manufacturing has changed considerably, we continue to offer felts and insoles for vulcanization in synthetic or natural materials.


Punched and thermo-fixed products for use under carpets and floating floors. Specially indicated for improving the thermal and acoustic performance of synthetic or wooden floating floors and for use under carpets, especially for non-adhesive carpets stretched by skirting boards.


For use in agriculture and gardening we use natural fibres such as jute,, biodegradable and suitable for protecting cuttings, seed fixation, temporarily preventing the growth of unwanted weeds, etc.


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