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Cars generate a series of noises and vibrations, both by their engine and part cycle when rolling, as well as by aerodynamic noises.

All these sounds need to be attenuated so that the acoustic comfort inside is adequate and so as not to generate acoustic pollution.

Through the use of our insulators it is possible to control these phenomena, making the vehicle more comfortable and less vibrating.

Basically there are 5 types of sounds to take into account:

When designing a car, all these types of noises and vibrations are taken into account in order to control them, reduce them or make them disappear.

GEOPANNEL® has modern diagnostic methods, and when designing and manufacturing a new part, we provide the customer with all the experience and knowledge of our technical department, as well as our advanced laboratory in which we acoustically test the different compounds and mixtures to achieve the desired efficiency.

We have an acoustic laboratory equipped with an alpha cabine according to the Renault D49 1977 standard, but we can also analyse complete parts thanks to our vibration damping analysis methods para determinar to determine the best solution for a future car.

our laboratory also has a lambda measurement equipment to determine the thermal resistance of materials, a climatic chamber to test the behaviour of materials by prolonged exposure to humidity, cold and heat and a laboratory where the chemical composition and technical performance of our finished products are tested according to the OEM standard.


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