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who are we?

GEOPANNEL®  is a family owned company with more than 70 years of history. Our mission is to develop better, more efficient and sustainable thermal and acoustic insulation products. Our vision is based on research and innovation, investment in technology, and above all on our human capital. Because what counts is people.

Technology + Sustainability + Innovation

Our technology, unique at European level together with the study and development of new materials in our acoustic and thermal laboratories and in coordination with private companies, research centres and European Universities, has allowed us to create and manufacture products that are fully adapted  to the demanding demands of the best automotive and construction companies


Since its foundation in 1944  GEOPANNEL®   has been dedicated to the regeneration of textile fibres  and their subsequent use as a base material for the manufacture of felts for use in many sectors.

Reciclaje + ecología

In order to combat petrol and oil dependence and its enormous environmental impact, we continually develop, manufacture and improve our products made from 100% renewable natural or synthetic fibres and resins. Sustainability, efficiency, price stability and adaptability to the needs of each project mark the character of our products

Reciclaje + ecología

Since 2017 we have 27,000 m2 of facilities in which processes are developed:


  • Manufacture of thermoformed felts in two high capacity lines.

  • Continuous cutting in two lines.

  • Kiss cutting..

  • CNC Laminates.

  • Laminates.

  • Adhesives in line.

  • Etc.


80% of the raw material with which we produce our recycled products, comes from recovered textile waste, mostly remnants of the manufacture of jeans, sheets, towels, etc. . We mainly use cotton, although we also work with other natural crop fibers such as kenaf, flax, jute, hemp, sisal, or with sheep wool. For special automotive projects we use synthetic fibres such as polyester, polypropylene, special cottons, etc

Textile remnants are crushed, mixed and homogenised and shaped to become consistent by mechanical means. Subsequently the nappa we obtain is subjected to a polymerization process  to consolidate the material and finally are cut into sheets, rolls, or pieces die-cut with special geometry. We also manufacture products with different finishes, either with textile laminates, with aluminum, with self-adhesive sheets, etc

GEOPANNEL® products pass the most demanding thermal and acoustic test, tensile strength, abrasion, mould formation and toxic emissions. We also manufacture a line of fire-treated products for both automotive and construction that meet the most stringent requirements for both sectors.

Talento + investigación


GEOPANNEL®  has participated in different Spanish and European environmental projects, such as the Eureka "Sustainacoustics", el Ecoinnovation "Inpat" and several national CDTI and European projects. GEOPANNEL®  has been awarded the Seal of Excellence by the European Commission for its “GEOPET”   project within the HORIZON 2020 Research and Development framework programme.

Innovation + futuredo

The use of raw materials from waste from other industries and the incorporation of renewable materials for our production process contributes to the elimination of the environmental impact of our activity.

Innovation + futuredo


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