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INPAT®, the ecologically recycled sheet for impact noise insulation..

With this acronym and registered European trademark GEOPANNEL® together with its partners for this project: ACCIONA, laboratories AITEX, ANTECUIR and the Italian company ENVIROMENT PARK, has created a whole range of sheets and panels oriented to the construction with a better performance in the acoustic insulation to the noise of impact in the buildings, and other characteristics of high added value as the break of the thermal bridge, easy installation, recyclability 100 %.

The product is presented in plates or rolls at the choice of the installer, and is complemented with self-adhesive joints to facilitate the implementation of perimeter insulation and / or joints between plates.

Main characteristics:

Change of mass of test assembly (G)
Water vapour transmission coefficient (g)
Water vapour permeance (W)
Resistance to water vapour (Z))
Permeability to water vapour (δ)
Resistance factor to water vapour diffusion (μ)
INPAT® 10mm
11,46 mg/h
1459,58 mg/(m2·h)
1,0426 mg/(m2·h·Pa)
0,9592 m2·h·Pa/mg
0,0116 mg/(m·h·Pa)
59,5212 μ

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