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GEOPANNEL® is a range of acoustic and thermal insulation panels manufactured with a high percentage of recycled material and 100% recyclable for use in construction.

GEOPANNEL® does not require special protection for its handling. As it does not contain mineral fibres, it is recommended for building roofs with air recirculation, ventilation ducts and busy premises, especially suitable for use in foodstuffs, large spaces such as auditoriums, classrooms, cinemas, etc.

The porous structure of the entire GEOPANNEL®, range makes our products, excellent acoustic absorbers, while their permeability to air and water vapour allows buildings to transpire. Its low water vapour absorption maintains its qualities in humid environments, and its resistance to traction makes it nailable and resistant to tensions in large formats.

GEOPANNEL® is a recyclable product without toxicity throughout its useful life.

Skin and respiratory tract protected

Any GEOPANNEL® product is nailable without tearing, and can be self-adhesive. can be self-adhesive avoids costly support structures as well as the traditional mortar fixation used in mineral wools, which can reduce the thermal and acoustic function of the insulators.

Easy installation
the best choice for custom worksnon-irritating

ll our insulators are based on regenerated textile waste, which constitutes up to 85% of the composition of the product. Not only do they consume hardly any resources, but they also contribute to the elimination of waste from other industrial processes. Unlike mineral wool, it does not require an extractive activity and its low incorporated energy is common to the whole range. In addition, our productive system allows the order of materials to measure.

Low built-in energy
To produce one meter of insulation is used 0.1 kw/h


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