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Today, our world is not the same as it was ten years ago.

Technological changes have accelerated with shorter and shorter cycles and the automotive industry is at the forefront of adopting new technologies. Today we face new challenges to make vehicles a non-polluting product, cleaner and more efficient, safer and quieter..

Our absorbers and acoustic solutions have evolved at the same time. Lighter, more efficient, more ecological GEOPANNEL products have reduced their weight in the last decade by up to 60% while maintaining acoustic properties and reducing their carbon footprint in the same proportion.

Tailor-made solutions
High quality advanced insulators

Under the premises of the highest quality under standard IATF 16949, in GEOPANNEL work closely with our customers to develop products with increasingly advanced performance..

Our technical support is not only complete. It's also fast. With an internal laboratory, we carry out immediate tests on the materials of the projects under development. This allows us to provide alpha cabin absorption curves, fire performance and thermal resistance of materials within 48 hours of prototype manufacture.


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